Our product range includes following product groups:

Confectionery Flavours – a World of Sweet Emotions

  • Flavoring for bakery, from biscuits through croissants to wafers
  • Flavoring for confectionery, soft candies and gelee
  • Flavoring for chocolate – an irresistible temptation
  • Flavoring for ice-creams and mixes, decorations – the pleasure of freshness
  • Flavoring for fruit preparations, powdered drinks – genuine
  • Flavoring for milk based products – rich, creamy taste


Austria Aroma Flavour sweets

Beverage Flavours – The only limit is your imagination

  • Flavors for wine based beverages – a world of flavors
  • Flavors for alcoholic beverages – timeless taste innovation
  • Flavors for non-alcoholic beverages – from traditional to modern taste profiles


Aroma getranke beverages austria

Savoury Flavours – Bringing the Italian taste to a higher level

  • Flavors for fresh filled-pasta – the flavor of tradition
  • Flavors for cured meats – genuine taste
  • Flavors for ready meals – a masterly touch
  • Flavors for dressing – first class taste
  • Flavors for souces – the world on the table
  • Flavors for snacks – harmonious solutions


flavour aroma wien austrion


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