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More than dozen types both of liquid or dry, upon the preference in e.g. sweetness, sugar
spectrum, mouthfeel, viscosity, crystallization. Tailor made versions from light sweet DE9 to
intensive tasting DE99 (DE=Dextrose Equivalent). We can consult on optimizing taste or
managing calorie and cost challenges in Food or Non-Food segments. Whatever taste
profile you look for, we advise an appropriate formulation for your recipe!

Our product range includes following product groups:

  • Glucose-, maltose-, and high maltose- corn syrups
  • Dry glucose
  • Glucose-fructose, fructose-glucose, high fructose corn syrups
  • Crystalline fructose
  • Dextrose syrups
  • Mono/anhydrate dextrose
  • Cane molasses – NEW!
  • Agave syrup – NEW!
  • Sugar solutions
  • Sucrose (white/brown sugar)
  • Tailor made syrup blends

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