Organic Ingredients

Our organic product range includes the following products:


  • Organic salicornia powder – NEW!
  • Organic pea protein texturates – NEW!
  • Organic plant protein snacks – NEW!
  • Organic vital wheat gluten
  • Organic skimmed milk powder
  • Organic milk protein concentrate


  • Organic potato starch – NEW!
  • Organic wheat starch
  • Organic tapioca starch

Fruit Preparations

  • Organic grape juices – NEW!
  • Organic grape juice concentrates – NEW!
  • Organic elderberry (seasonal)

Full Calorie Sweeteners

  • Organic glucose syrup
  • Organic maltose syrup
  • Organic maltodextrins
  • Organic dry glucose syrups
  • Organic fondants
  • Organic caramel
  • Organic sugar
  • Organic invert sugar

Why to choose organic?

Organic means more quality, health and safety for consumers, respect for nature and protection of the environment.

Nature is the true source and the starting point of everything. It marks the begin of the story of a product and shapes its identity as initial footprint.

AUSTRION carefully sources BIO-certified ingredients and finished products, promoting the consumption of organic food and offering a wide product range, growing day by day.

To choose organic is the only way to make the difference.




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