Pea Protein Texturate – A rich source of protein, ideal for meat replacement 

Our pea and faba bean protein products, also known as Texturate, are extremely nutritious and healthy, due to their high protein and fiber content. Being gluten free, soya free, additive free, these plant proteins are suitable as clean label protein source for a healthier diet, as well as for meat replacement purposes.

Our product range includes the following groups, all BIO-certified:

  • Chunks
  • Bites
  • Flakes
  • Mince
  • Mince Mini
  • Strips
  • Granulate
  • Granulate soft
  • Granulate mini


Pea Protein Snacks – Full power and health

Our crunchy snacks, crisps and crouton, based on pea protein concentrate and full grain oat, have high protein and fiber content, with low fat and just little salt. Perfect for Aperitif time or as a practical a snack-to-go. Taste the different flavours!

Our product range includes the following groups, all BIO-certified:

  • Chili & Garlic
  • Chives & Lemon
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Tomato & Rosemary



Salicornia – The natural alternative for an efficient salt reduction 

This magic plant from Mediterranean is suitable for multiple applications, due to its high nutritional value and to the characteristic of being “naturally salty”. It is now undergoing a growing trend as a seasoning and salt reducer for endless food preparations, from smoked fish main courses to rice dishes and Italian appetizers.

Our product range includes the following groups:

  • Dry shredded Salicornia

Available also BIO-certified:

  • Dry shredded Salicornia




Oligofructose – The good fiber, to reduce sugar and control glycemia

A healthier lifestyle is a common concern. Oligofructose, a sweet tasty soluble prebiotic fiber, is beneficial in the everyday nutrition. Useful to prevent gut infections, it allows you also to reduce sugar and it contributes to the control of the postprandial glycemia.  

Our product range includes different types. Do not hesitate to submit your enquiry for further product specifications.





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