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AUSTRION provides a range of high-quality protein ingredients, including functional proteins, plant-based proteins, and proteins for pet and animal nutrition. Our proteins are derived from a variety of sources such as pea, faba bean, wheat, corn gluten, and potato. With texturized options and functional protein blends, we have the perfect solution for your food and non-food applications. Whether you’re looking to improve the nutritional value of your products, enhance texture, or support sustainability efforts, our proteins are a reliable and effective ingredient for your needs.

Textured vegetable protein, soy meat for a vegetarian diet. Studio Photo

Functional proteins

We deliver various functional proteins that are referenced in Food segments like dough improver in baking and milling, protein source in sports nutrition, snacks, cakes, vegan and vegetarian products.


Plant based proteins

Gyros, pea protein, soyfree gluten-free , plant based

Texturized Plant proteins

Wheat spikelets with grains on grey background

Wheat protein


Faba bean protein


Texturized Pea protein


Potato protein